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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPerfumer... smell different!

iPhoners! Sensitive to the world of perfumes, but a little lost when thrown in the middle of a Sephora shop or another point of sales from the selective distribution? Don't panic, the perfumers'company Givaudan created for you 'the' application that will guide you through your future olfactory choices! A solution rather smart, coming at a time when advice is sorely lacking in perfumeries.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Galbanum, or the "magnus" return of a green note

The galbanum is one of these raw materials that are used for a little while in perfumery. It is true that its green and resinous profile fits with traditional chypre accords. This note scored in the 40’s and the 70’s, with fragrances like Miss Dior (47) or Vent Vert by Balmain (47) and Drakkar by Guy Laroche (the predecessor of Drakkar noir, created in 72 and now vanished), Cristalle by Chanel (74) and Chanel 19 (70) or Chamade by Guerlain (69).

Monday, April 12, 2010

The 'Grand Prix du Parfum'... and the winner is...

After the Cesars and the Oscars for the cinema, the Fragrance Foundation has pronounced the famous sentence "and the winner is...". Indeed, last thursday, the ceremony of the Grand Prix du Parfum was held. The French equivalent of the Fifi Awards.
For the first time, the votes were opened to the public, and we're pretty happy with it. In the 'we', I mean the Egofacto team. Simply because the perfume 'Jamais le Dimanche' was named best masculine fragrance of the year. A development in which I took part... and with pride please!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Martin Margiela... My name is Nobody

The Maison Martin Margiela launched a perfume! Although the secret Belgian designer Mr Margiela has left the Maison a few months ago, his name is now on a bottle of perfume.
The L'Oreal group has decided to buy its fragrance license in March 2008 to launch a perfume with no name ... or rather with no title, as the perfume is called (Untitled).
A license which relies first of all on the objective to develop a luxury image, like the group has done with the Viktor & Rolf license, playing the card of creativity, originality and exclusivity.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dance of the muses

Spring is approaching, media campaigns with it ...
Fashion, skincare, make-up, perfume ... Brown and blond heads, that would be easily recognized, show their profiles for several leading brands, from all categories.
Here is an outline of these electric associations, for explosive ads, already or soon headlining.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlotte for Ever... Balenciaga Paris...

Since there was already an article about violets, I decided to plunge my nose once again into this bunch of purple flowers to talk about a new fragrance launch, in your perfumery shelves since early February.
You've probably seen some advertisements featuring a luminous Charlotte Gainsbourg, giving off an aura of calm and delicacy. Well, this is the new Balenciaga fragrance’s campaign.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Syrups & treacles : short olfactory summary of sweet nectars

Sugar ... vast subject! Coming from beet, cane, palm flower or other plants, those little crunchy crystals bring a special flavour in the mouth ... But the caster sugar is far from being the only substance able to give this sweetness to meals. Honey and jam are the first treats that pop to mind, but I'll focus my article on a sugar derivative : the syrup. Obviously, there are many kinds of syrups. From date syrup to agave syrup, through carob syrup or sorghum syrup, the list is long! But each syrup has its own gustative and olfactory particularities.
This article is my official love declaration for three syrups : the traditional maple syrup, the siwo batri from Guadeloupe and the Dutch stroop. To consume without any moderation ...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did you fantasize about it? Paco Rabanne did it!

Ladies and gentlemen! Valentine's Day approaches and offers many gifts with purchase, or special sets developed for the occasion!
On the distribution side, Nocibé proposes a bed-night for two for a 59€ purchase. An attractive offer, since it applies to all products and services of the Nocibé points of sales, from cosmetics to fragrances, through the care institute.
On the brand side, from the Cacharel mugs (for a 60€ purchase), to the 'Si' miniature by Lolita Lempicka (for a 80€ purchase, a gift to deserve!), through the pearly powder in its purse by Jean-Paul Gaultier (for a 65€ purchase) and the '1 Million' key ring by Paco Rabanne for the purchase of a 100mL '1 Million' eau de toilette (61.50€); a mechanism that can be summed up in a gift for the purchase of the largest content of the range concerned.

Conference "What pedagogy for the perfume?", Paris-Sorbonne, the 1st of February 2010

A conference dealing with the olfactory language was held Monday, the 1st of February, at the Sorbonne, under the artistic direction of the musicologist Marie- Anouch Sarkissian.
On this occasion, Barbara Le Portz, founder of the company Fragrance Intelligence, shared her experience, lived through perfumers companies such as IFF, Quest (now Givaudan) or Créations Aromatiques (now Symrise), and presented her vision of the various languages used to talk about perfume, and the need to confront the olfactory language to other arts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And what if passion was a bunch of violets?

The Violet ... Yes, I give a capital letter to this young lady. In March, it blooms, and marvels the curious ones. You need to understand, its absolute is quite a rare material! And it hides many facets. Between ionones, which give this little floral, fruity raspberry, suave and powdery side, and Nonadienal this aqueous, almost cucumber, side which provides to the absolute of violet this green note so characteristic. Enough to seduce more than one! It seems that the scent of violets would have aphrodisiac qualities...! Shyness, modesty and secret love, these are all the symbols of that lady in the language of flowers. Therefore, Ladies, beware of the young man who will offer you a bunch of violets, this could be a declaration of love hidden behind a purple cloth...
Yes, but what are the fragrances with Violet? Here is a little presentation in a few families of variations of this unique floral note.